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Accessibility Testing Service

Are you aware that millions of users face barriers when accessing websites and applications due to limited accessibility features? Don't let your business be a part of the problem—become the solution. Talk to us for automated accessibility testing service.

What is Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility testing is a vital component of software testing services that focuses on evaluating the accessibility of websites, applications, and software. By conducting thorough web accessibility testing, QA professionals ensure that digital products are usable and inclusive for individuals with disabilities. This includes testing for compliance with accessibility standards, such as WCAG, and identifying potential barriers that may hinder accessibility. The significance of accessibility testing lies in creating a positive user experience, reaching a wider audience, and demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity. Our software QA consulting service specializes in providing expert guidance and support in implementing effective accessibility testing processes. By incorporating accessibility testing into your QA process, you can enhance the quality of your software and cater to the diverse needs of your users.


To learn more about our comprehensive QA consulting services and how we can assist you in implementing accessibility testing, visit our:

Why choose our consulting service for Accessibility testing?

Expert In Accessibility Testing

Our QA consultants have strong understanding of Accessibility Testing and they are well versed with standard guidelines of Accessibility.

Agile Testing Methodology

We are agile testing experts, offering a fast, efficient testing process that provides timely feedback.

Business Focused Testing

Our software QA consultants have a strong understanding of clients' businesses and the problems their applications solve.

Holistic Testing Approach

Our software QA consulting service takes a comprehensive approach to testing, going beyond UI automation. 

Agile Testing Methodology

We are agile testing experts, offering a fast, efficient testing process that provides timely feedback.

Collaboration and Communication

We emphasize strong communication skills and effective collaboration between our team and the client.

Types of Disabilities and Challenges in Software Accessibility

Visual Impairments

People with visual impairments face challenges in accessing software that relies heavily on visual elements. This includes difficulties in reading small text, distinguishing colors, and interpreting visual cues.

Hearing Impairments

Individuals with hearing impairments encounter obstacles when software relies heavily on audio cues or lacks captioning for multimedia content.

Motor Impairments

Motor impairments affect people's ability to use traditional input devices, such as a mouse or keyboard.

Cognitive Disablities

Cognitive disabilities, such as learning disabilities or attention disorders, present challenges in understanding complex navigation, instructions, or information presented in software.

The Importance of Web Accessibility Testing

Legal Compliance

Many countries have legislation in place that requires websites to be accessible to people with disabilities. Non-compliance can result negative consequence and may damage the brand reputation.

By ensuring accessibility, you promote inclusivity and ensure that users with all abilities can access and utilise your website, leaving no one overlooked. It has a positive influence on your revenue and business success.

Equal Opportunity

Better Society

It is not just the right thing to do; it is a powerful declaration of your commitment to creating a world where every individual, regardless of their abilities, has an equal opportunity to thrive.

By ensuring accessibility, you send a strong message to users that you are concerned about the needs of all users. Which can enhance the brand reputation among your users and can attract broader customer base. 

Positive Branding

SEO/Search Friendly

Google prioritize website that are built by following the accessibility guidelines. By investing in accessibility testing, you can potentially improve your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

Software QA Consulting: Enabling Accessible Software

Accessibility Testing Expertise

We have a team of experienced QA professionals who are well-versed in accessibility testing. We employ industry-standard testing methodologies and leverage assistive technologies to thoroughly evaluate the accessibility of software. 

At our software QA consulting firm, we specialize in ensuring accessibility in software development projects. Our expertise in QA testing and our commitment to inclusivity enable us to deliver accessible software solutions. 

Compliance with Accessibility Standards

We stay up-to-date with the latest accessibility standards and guidelines, such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Our QA consultants possess in-depth knowledge of these standards and ensure that software aligns with the required accessibility criteria.

Usability and User Experience Assessment

Accessibility goes beyond technical compliance. Our QA consultants evaluate the usability and user experience aspects of software from an accessibility perspective. We analyze factors like intuitive navigation, clear instructions, error handling, and overall user-friendliness for individuals with disabilities. 

Test Planning and Execution

We create tailored test plans that focus on accessibility requirements. Our QA consultants collaborate closely with development teams to identify potential accessibility issues and incorporate appropriate test cases. We conduct rigorous testing across different platforms, browsers, and devices to verify software accessibility under various scenarios.

Remediation and Recommendations

In the event of accessibility issues, we provide detailed reports outlining the identified problems and recommendations for remediation. Our QA consultants work closely with development teams to address these issues effectively, offering guidance on code modifications, design enhancements, and accessibility best practices.

Continuous Accessibility Improvement

We advocate for a culture of continuous accessibility improvement. Our QA consulting services include training and awareness sessions for development teams, fostering a deeper understanding of accessibility principles. We encourage the adoption of accessible design and development practices to ensure long-term accessibility and compliance.

Accessibility Testing in Software QA:
Key Considerations

When it comes to conducting accessibility testing in software QA, there are several key considerations and best practices to keep in mind.

Understand Accessibility Guidelines

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Testing Tools and Assistive Technologies

Incorporate manual and automation testing

Involve user with disabilities

Test on Multiple Platforms and Devices

Document and Report Findings

Continuous Learning and Improvements

How do we ensure accessibility compliance:
Tools & Techniques

Ensuring accessibility compliance is a crucial aspect of software development. Here, we'll discuss the methodologies and tools commonly utilized to meet accessibility guidelines and standards.

Manual Testing

Manual testing involves human evaluation of the software's accessibility features. Accessibility experts or testers review the user interface, navigation, and interaction elements to identify any potential barriers for users with disabilities. They follow established accessibility guidelines, such as WCAG, and provide detailed feedback on issues and recommendations for improvement.

Code Analysis Tools

Code analysis tools examine the underlying code of the software to identify accessibility issues. They analyze HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other coding languages for adherence to accessibility best practices. Code analysis tools can automatically detect and flag potential issues, such as missing or improperly implemented ARIA attributes, improper semantic structure, or non-compliant HTML tags.

Automated Testing

Automated testing tools specifically designed for accessibility play a significant role in evaluating compliance. These tools analyze web pages or applications and automatically identify potential accessibility issues. They leverage predefined rules and algorithms to detect common accessibility problems, such as missing alt text for images, inadequate color contrast, or improper heading structure. Automated testing tools provide comprehensive reports, highlighting areas that require attention.

Assistive Technologies

Assistive technologies simulate disabilities and enable testers to experience the software from the perspective of users with disabilities. Examples include screen readers, magnifiers, voice recognition software, and alternative input devices. By using assistive technologies during testing, teams can identify potential accessibility barriers and ensure compatibility with these tools.

Accessibility Audits

Accessibility audits involve in-depth evaluations conducted by accessibility experts. They assess the software against accessibility guidelines, identify areas of non-compliance, and provide detailed recommendations for remediation. Accessibility audits typically involve a combination of manual testing, automated tools, assistive technologies, and code analysis to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

Expert guidance for accessible software.
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The Accessibility Testing Process: From Planning to Reporting



The scope and objectives of accessibility testing are defined.



As the testing progresses, accessibility issues are identified and documented.



Test cases are developed to cover different aspects of accessibility.



For identified issue, developers and designers collaborate to address the accessibility concerns.



The identified test cases are executed using a combination of manual and automation.



The software undergoes retesting to validate the effectiveness of the fixes.

Partnering for Reliable Accessibility Testing Services

Partner with us for reliable accessibility testing services that will exceed your expectations. We stand out from the competition by showcasing our:


Our team of accessibility specialists possesses deep knowledge and expertise in accessibility guidelines, standards, and best practices.


With years of experience in conducting accessibility testing, we have successfully served clients across various industries and domains.


We offer tailored solutions that align with your specific needs, industry requirements, and target audience.

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