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Software testing is an art that uncovers the invisible and ensures the quality of the visible.
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Discover Rest API Test Automation Service by Leading QA Consulting Company

At TestersPilot, we strive for efficient and effective testing, and to achieve that, we rely heavily on Rest API Test Automation to serve our purpose.


Without API test automation, you may lack the coverage especially when you need a lot of data driven tests. Additionally, the complex scenarios which is difficult to be automated at UI level can be easily covered in Rest API Test automation.

At TestersPilot, we specialize in Rest API testing consultation and offer comprehensive solutions to address your testing challenges. Our expert team leverages industry-leading tools and frameworks to design and execute robust test scripts, ensuring thorough coverage and accurate validation of your APIs.

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What Are Key Components Of Our Rest API Testing Solution

Comprehensive Test Coverage

We ensure comprehensive API testing by covering all critical aspects. Our approach goes beyond simply automating APIs as individual endpoints. We verify the entire user journey by testing all involved endpoints, ensuring a thorough evaluation of expectation from exposing the Rest endpoints.

Data Driven Testing

Most of the APIs are built to receive input in different combination, which often requires testers to perform testing with various data sets to uncover the edge cases. Our experts are experienced in this, they are always prepared to handle such complex situations.

3rd Party Integration Testing

At our testing, we specialize in thorough 3rd party integration testing to validate the integration points between your application and external systems or services. We are expert in mocking and stubbing the behaviour if needed for testing.

Error handling and Validation

We believe in verifying the error handling aspect of API in detail to ensure that there is appropriate user experience and we make sure that the user receives meaningful and actionable feedback from the error response of API.

Security Checks for API

Security testing for APIs is utmost important to prevent  the misuse of API by malicious users. In our testing, we make sure a special attention is given to security aspect of APIs covering different scenarios related to authentication, authorisation, encryption and data privacy.

Contract Testing

Now a days contract testing has became an essential part of testing strategy and we are strong advocate in favour of this. We recognize the importance of Contract Testing in ensuring the compatibility and reliability of distributed systems.

Right opportunities to replace UI tests with API tests

Data Driven Tests

API tests are best candidate when it needs to be executed for different set of data. Faster and Reliable.

Non-Automatable UI Tests

The tests which difficult to automate at UI level should be automated at API level.

Too Slow

Slow UI tests should go in API to provide faster feedback.

Automating tests are API level is very crucial for effective testing, Tests for APIs provide faster feedback compare to UI tests and always free from flakiness.

Flaky Tests

UI tests are prone to fail without any legit reason. such tests should always be automated at API level.

Frequent Changes in UI

UI of your application undergoes frequent changes, making UI tests difficult to maintain

The Challenges of Rest API Testing

Rest API testing presents its own unique set of challenges that can impact the overall quality and reliability of your software. Our QA consulting service specializes in identifying and overcoming these obstacles to ensure the effectiveness of your API testing strategy. Few of the key challenges of API Testing faced by QAs are:

> Complex API Structure
> Data Payload Variations
> Async API Operation/Process
> Complex Authentication & Authorization
> Integration with external system
> Data Integrity and Versioning

Why to choose TestersPilot for Rest API Testing

We assist you in establishing a comprehensive test plan for your APIs.

We assist you in setting up different types of testing of APIs which includes functional, performance, contract and security.

We advocate for the test pyramid and aim for a perfect balance between API and UI tests to ensure comprehensive test coverage with faster test execution.

We bring the confidence in automated tests by ensuring that tests are free from flakiness.

Most importantly, we make sure that you deliver a exceed expectation software to your customer.

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