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Software testing is an art that uncovers the invisible and ensures the quality of the visible.
TestersPilot About Us Art


TestersPilot is an expert in providing Software QA consulting services. We are driven by a team of passionate software testers who have deep understanding of the challenges that arise in the testing process, specifically with the startups and small businesses. We are committed to finding tailored solutions that seamlessly align with your organisation testing process and make the testing process efficient and faster. In short WE ARE EXPERTS.

We firmly believe that creativity plays a vital role in software testing. We understand that testing is not just about following written instructions; it is an art that requires OUT-OF-BOX THINKING. This belief sets us apart and makes the testing experience with TestersPilot truly unparalleled.

We recognize the significance of automation in our testing process and excel in leveraging its benefits. However, we also understand that automation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe in striking the RIGHT BALANCE OF AUTOMATION & MANUAL EFFORTS to achieve optimal results. Our approach is guided by industry best practices, ensuring that we harness automation to simplify our work without compromising the effectiveness of manual testing.This is what sets TestersPilot apart - our commitment to make testing more effective and efficient.


Our experts have a deep understanding of the pain points that QAs often experience. We are very well aware of inefficiencies caused by maintaining automated tests. We are expert in eliminating such inefficiencies caused by excessive test maintenance, allowing QAs to focus on what they do best: testing.

We believe that out-of-the-box thinking is key in software testing. It's not just about writing automated tests or mindlessly ticking off checkboxes. We bring a fresh perspective and expertise in thinking beyond the ordinary.

Technical proficiency is another aspect we value greatly. We understand that testers need to be well-versed in various facets of software development. From understanding developers' code to assessing unit and integration test coverage, from grasping the intricacies of the pipeline to contribute in continuous integration and delivery and to being aware of user experience and business values – we cover it all. 

What truly sets us apart is our versatility. We are not limited to a single specialization; rather, we embrace a holistic vision in testing ensuring we are building right product by following right practices.

So, what makes us unique? We understand the challenges faced by QAs, and we are expert in streamlining the processes. We bring creative thinking to software testing. We are technically proficient and covers all aspects of software development, from code analysis to user experience. Ultimately, we are generalists who bring a comprehensive skill set to the table.


Choose us for a unique and comprehensive QA experience.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality testing solution which serves the purpose of testing and empowers team to deliver exceed expectation product.

Our Goal

To make the testing process effective, efficient, faster and reliable.

Our Vision

Build a strong reputation of reliable, trusted, and results-driven QA testing consulting firm



As an assurer of quality we enhance processes, establish standards, and set guidelines that drive the delivery of a high-quality product.

As an analyst we analyze requirements, specifications, and user stories to identify potential risks and gaps in the testing process.



Tools Expertise

  • Selenium WebDriver

  • Cypress

  • PlayWright

  • Karate

  • Protractor

  • Rest Assured

  • Request.js

  • Python Request

  • GraphQL Client

  • Kafka Client

  • soapUI

  • Gatling

  • Jmeter

  • K6

  • SQL

  • TestContainers

  • WireMock

  • Junit

Domain Expertise

  • E-Commerce

  • Healthcare

  • Travel

  • OTT

  • Finance (Insurance & Banking)

  • Hospitality


  • Functional Testing

  • Non Functional Testing

  • Performance

  • Contract

  • DataBase

  • BackEnd

  • FrontEnd

  • Accessibility

  • Smoke/Sanity

  • Process Improvement

  • CI/CD

  • DevOps

  • Best Practices

  • Microservice Testing

  • Regression

  • End to End Solution

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