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Software testing is an art that uncovers the invisible and ensures the quality of the visible.
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Discover GraphQL Automation Service By Leading QA Consulting

Now-a-days, it is very common to see that more companies are using GraphQL for their preferred choice for API over traditional RESTful services.  The advantages offered by GraphQL have positioned it as a game-changer in the industry. With GraphQL, companies benefit from increased flexibility and efficiency in their API design and consumption. Its ability to enable clients to specify exactly what data they need, reducing over-fetching and under-fetching issues, has revolutionised how data is exchanged between clients and servers.


At TestersPilot, we understand the challenges developers and QA teams face when it comes to testing GraphQL APIs. That's why we offer a comprehensive GraphQL Test Automation Service that revolutionises your testing process. By automating your GraphQL tests, we help you streamline your testing efforts, increase test coverage, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of your products.

Power of GraphQL Testing : Best Practices to harness most of it

To harness the power of GraphQL testing, it is utmost important to test it correctly. Below are few important best practices which are crucial for GraphQL testing to get most out of it.

Schema Validation

One of the fundamental best practices in GraphQL test automation is schema validation. By validating the schema, you ensure that your GraphQL API adheres to the defined contract and remains consistent across different versions.

Query Validation

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data being fetched, query validation is of utmost importance. Implementing query validation practices helps in verifying the correctness of the queries and detecting potential issues early on.

Mutation Testing

GraphQL enables clients to perform mutations, which modify data on the server side. Testing these mutations is critical to ensure data integrity and the proper functioning of the GraphQL API. By designing comprehensive mutation tests, you can validate the behavior of mutations, handle edge cases, and verify that data changes occur as intended.

Error Handling

It involves testing error scenarios and verifying that error responses are appropriately handled and communicated to clients. By simulating various error conditions, you can ensure that your GraphQL API responds gracefully, providing meaningful error messages and status codes.

Why Choose Our GraphQL Automation Service

At TestersPilot - leading QA consulting company, we offer a cutting-edge GraphQL test automation service that empowers your API testing process with unparalleled advantages. As a trusted QA consulting service and software testing company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value to our clients through our expert QA team and track record of successful GraphQL testing engagements. Visit our services page to explore our comprehensive range of testing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.Advantages of Our GraphQL Test Automation Service:

Automation Tools

We utilize advanced tools and frameworks to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your GraphQL test automation.

Expert QA Team

Our skilled team possesses extensive expertise in GraphQL testing, handling complex scenarios with precision.

Contract Testing

Specializing in GraphQL Contract Testing, we guarantee seamless integration and consistent API responses.

Innovative Approach

Our out-of-the-box thinking allows us to design innovative test scenarios, ensuring exceptional API quality.

Key Benefits of GraphQL Test Automation

Our GraphQL test automation service offers a range of key benefits that enhance the efficiency and reliability of your API testing process.

Comprehensive Testing
Early Bug Detection
Faster Test Execution
Improve Test Coverage
Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration
Cost effective

Methodologies and Tool Employed

At TestersPilot - leading QA consulting company, we take a systematic and effective approach to deliver reliable GraphQL test automation services. Our expert QA team utilizes cutting-edge methodologies and advanced tools to ensure comprehensive testing of your GraphQL APIs. Visit our expertise section for more details.

Scenario Based Testing
Data Driven Testing
Regression Testing
GraphQl Playground
Rest Assured
GraphQL Client

Client-Centric Approach

Our client-centric approach to GraphQL test automation ensures that your specific project requirements and goals are at the forefront of our testing process. We begin by thoroughly understanding your business objectives and project needs, tailoring our testing solutions accordingly. Transparent communication, regular updates, and involving you in the process are integral to our collaborative partnership. With an agile and iterative approach, we adapt to changing requirements, respecting timelines and budgets. Your feedback drives improvements, and we work collaboratively to solve challenges. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality ensures that your GraphQL APIs meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Partner with TestersPilot for a client-focused testing experience, and together, we'll exceed expectations and ensure the success of your GraphQL APIs. Visit our services page to explore our comprehensive range of testing solutions. Contact us today to elevate your GraphQL testing with our expert QA consulting service and software testing company.

Getting Started with Our GraphQL Test Automation Service

Schedule initial consultation
Understand your api
Design Test Strategy
Execute and Analyse
Colloborative Approach
Continuous Improvement
Final Deliverable
Post testing support
  • What is test automation, and why is it important?
    Test automation refers to the use of software tools and frameworks to automate the execution of tests, reducing the need for manual intervention. It plays a crucial role in accelerating testing cycles, improving accuracy, and achieving faster time-to-market. To learn more about the importance of test automation, visit our blog post on the benefits of test automation.
  • What automation testing services do you provide?
    At TestersPilot, we offer a range of automation testing services, including web test automation, REST API test automation, mobile test automation, performance test automation, and GraphQL test automation. These services cater to diverse testing needs and help organizations achieve comprehensive test coverage. For more information on our automation services, visit our Test Automation Service page.
  • How do you ensure the success of test automation initiatives?
    We ensure the success of test automation initiatives through a strategic approach. Our experienced team follows industry best practices, such as conducting thorough feasibility studies, selecting appropriate automation tools and frameworks, designing robust automation frameworks, and implementing effective maintenance strategies. These measures contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of test automation.
  • Can you automate testing for different types of applications and platforms?
    Yes, our automation testing services cover a wide range of applications and platforms. Whether you need web application testing, mobile app testing, or API testing, we have the expertise to automate the testing process for various technologies, platforms, and operating systems. Our automation solutions are flexible and adaptable to meet your specific application requirements.
  • What tools and frameworks do you use for test automation?
    We leverage a variety of industry-leading tools and frameworks for test automation, including Selenium, Cypress, Appium, JUnit, TestNG, REST Assured, and GraphQL testing tools. The selection of tools depends on the specific needs of your project and the technology stack being used. Our team has expertise in using these tools effectively to ensure efficient and reliable test automation.
  • How can I measure the return on investment (ROI) for test automation?
    Measuring the ROI for test automation involves assessing factors such as time savings, increased test coverage, reduced manual effort, improved defect detection, and enhanced software quality. Our team can work closely with you to analyze the benefits and calculate the ROI for your test automation initiative.
  • How do I get started with your Test Automation Service?
    Getting started with our Test Automation Service is simple. Contact us through our contact page or fill out the contact form to discuss your automation testing needs. Our team will understand your requirements, provide detailed information about our services, and guide you through the engagement process. We offer consultations, assessments, and customized solutions to meet your specific needs and goals.
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