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The Impact of Web Accessibility on User Satisfaction and Retention

The Impact of web accessibility on the ability for all users, regardless of disabilities, to access and navigate websites seamlessly is not only a legal requirement but also a fundamental aspect of providing inclusive user experiences and ensuring that your software is accessible to all types of people in society.

In this blog post, we will explore the impact of web accessibility on user satisfaction and retention.

What is Web Accessibility

Imagine you built a game which is fun to play, you have a friend who is really interested in playing your game but have little trouble because they see the colours differently and can't distinguish lighter shades correctly. Your friend might not be able to enjoy the game fully as you do because of colour variations.

Web Accessibility is making sure that colours are easily distinguishable for people having difficulty in their vision.

Above is just one type of accessibility issue which excludes users with vision disability to enjoy your game, there are various other accessibility issues which can make the entire website inaccessible for people with different abilities.

The Significance of Web Accessibility

As per WHO report published in 2011*, around 15% of world's population live with some kind of disability. Making these differentially abled people a consumer of your product will definitely impact the revenue in positive sense.

Another aspect of accessibility is about empathy towards inclusivity in the society which enhances the brand reputation.

There are few guidelines by WCAG related to accessibility of Page titles, Headings, Alt attributes and Link text, these guideline helps in better navigation and indirectly impacts the SEO score.

Impact of Web Accessibility in user retention

The saying "one satisfied customer brings many other customers" is very valid in the case of an accessible product. When a user has a positive experience with a product or service, they are likely to share their satisfaction with friends and family. In the case of people with different abilities, their bonds within their community are often stronger than those among people without disabilities. Word-of-mouth promotion within this community tends to have more stronger impact compared to individuals without disabilities.

When users feel that a product or service genuinely considers their needs, they become advocates, promoting inclusivity to their networks.

A competitive edge is another critical factor in user retention. According to a survey conducted by a private company, UK-based retail companies have received the lowest ratings in terms of web accessibility, whereas UK government and university websites have better accessibility for differently-abled individuals. Any retail company aiming to improve accessibility will undoubtedly gain a competitive edge and foster greater trust within differently-abled communities.

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